Why is it important to wear a medical or SOS ID bracelet?
Healthband is a voice, which speaks on behalf of a person when he or she isn’t able to communicate clearly.
During these urgent conditions it is crucial that first-aid workers can quickly identify whether the person has a medical disease or illness.
Without the information on the bracelet, because of common symptoms, a wrong diagnosis could be made, and the correct treatment could be risked or slowed down.
Wearing a medical or SOS ID bracelet could contribute to a quick diagnosis by first-aid workers. First-aid workers verify that a timely identification of a medical disease or illness can save lives.
Damaging medical mistakes could be prevented by simply wearing a short description of the medical disease or illness engraved on a product from Healthband.
Because of the important information on the bracelet, first-aid workers can immediately recognize what somebody’s state of health is, and the person receives the treatment which could be crucial at that moment.
During emergencies the first-aid workers are trained to look for a medical ID when they come in contact with an individual.
Who should wear a medical?
Everybody who lives with a medical disease or illness, like diabetes, asthma, or a heart disease; a person who is allergic to certain food, meds, or insects and people who swallow multiple meds or medication like blood thinners.

For all of these persons, wearing a medical ID bracelet is no redundant luxury.
Everybody with the following disease or illness should wear a medical ID bracelet:
Alzheimer / dementia
Blood disorders
Blood thinners/aspirin
Respiration conditions
epilepsy attacks
cardiovascular diseases
hearing, vision or mental disabled
kidney disorders
multiple meds
Rare disease
Transplantation or cancer patient
Healthband and children.
The SOS-ID armband from Healthband for children could be of enormous value in for example an amusement park, beach, or city.
Annually 1000 children lose their parents or caregivers because they slip away from their field of view for just one moment. The child frequently walks around disorientated and crying in panic, because the child can often not say much more.
Because of the personal information on the bracelet, it speaks for the child, and a bystander can contact the number on the bracelet, by doing so the child can be reassured and be reunited with the parents or caregivers.
Children like to play outside and doesn’t it give you a calm and safe feeling when your child wears a Healthband with all of the important information?
Healthband and children with a disease or illness.
The medical bracelet can also be worn by children with varying diseases or illnesses.
It is advisable to let children wear a Healthband if they have an allergy for specific food or things like bee stings or insect bites.
It is not only for first-aid workers important, but also for the teacher or coordinator who takes care of the child that the information is clearly visible.
The choice for a bracelet is of huge importance for the child, a bracelet could be annoying and frustrating for the child if they have to wear it every day. There are a couple of things you should consider before you make your choice.
Leather ID bracelets.
Leather bracelets are a fabulous choice for comfort.
When your child does not like wearing the traditional metal jewelry, considering a leather bracelet will be worth the trouble.
We have noted that a growing number of children and teenagers prefer the leather bracelet instead of the traditional metal bracelets.
A disadvantage of the leather bracelet is that they cannot be worn during activities in the water.
The sport bracelets makes it an excellent alternative.
The woven nylon bracelets are adjustable, and they are generally appealing to wear than the metal bracelets.
Contrary to leather bracelets, the sport bracelets are resistant to water, and could even be washed if they are dirty.
The sport bracelets are replaceable with the different ID-Tags and they are available in several designs and colors so that the child doesn’t have to wear the same bracelet every day. 
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Other alternatives, if the child does not like wearing a bracelet, is a Dog-Tag or hangers.
This is a new alternative which is very popular with a lot of people, young and old. Wearing a Dog-Tag or hanger can be a relief compared to a bracelet.
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