About us

The idea behind the Healthband.

The Healthband is born from the experience that it is of essential importance that a diagnosis is made quickly when an emergency occurs.
Within the family there are a couple of loved ones with a disease or illness, from diabetes to allergies. These people don’t want to make a public show of their disease or illness, but they are also aware that all information about their disease or illness could be absolutely vital.
You might recognize this or have tried everything, from a paper or cards in the wallet, up to a notice in the telephone. The different hangers have also already been mentioned; these are often not stylish or very awkward to put medical information on. From this frustration the Healthband has aroused; a graceful, beautiful and stylish jewelry which you can wear with pleasure daily.

Because the worldwide familiar Medical symbol and the important medical information is engraved modestly and stylish on the jewelry, it is possible for the first-aid workers to make a diagnosis quickly and offer you the treatment which could be a matter of life and death.


For whom is the Healthband.

The Healthband is initially meant for people with a disease or illness; think about Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma, Allergies, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, and autism etcetera. You can engrave all of the important information on the jewelry which makes it easier for the first-aid worker to make a quick diagnosis and give you the necessary treatment.
But this jewelry is not only for people with a disease or illness; in our assortment we have many jewelry for men, women and children, from young to old.
Therefore people without a disease or illness can also wear beautiful, elegant, nice and stylish jewelry. For instance your most precious possession, your children; the Healthband can also be a solution when they lose their mom or dad. When your child is upset and cannot say another word, the Healthband can assist them. Since the information from the child and the telephone number of the mom and dad can be found on the jewelry, the Healthband speaks for your child.


Who are the people behind the Healthband.

Healthband is a Dutch family business founded by Cindy and Edwin. Both have the required experience to underline the value and importance of the Healthband.
Cindy has Diabetes Type 1 so therefore she is insulin dependent; she underlines the necessity of wearing the Healthband. She knows how important it is for a first-aid worker, to know that she has Diabetes when she ends up in an emergency situation. It is important she gets insulin administered in time. The Healthband makes it clearly visible for the first-aid worker if she can’t do it herself.
Edwin has worked at the army for many years. Providing information is very important and wearing a dogtag was in the natural order of things. Because of his current work with the police he has observed how essential it is that first-aid workers have the right information, and that right information could save lives.





It could save your life.